Thursday, 14 June 2012

3rd time Long-billed Dowitcher

Yesterday news broke that the Long-billed Dowitcher was on Greenabella Marsh, knowing how close it might be I gave into temptation and headed down early afternoon. On arrival I checked the whole area and no sign at all, however the local Avocets presented some enjoyment and humour. What I did note is that the North Tees Marshes seems to be few in number when it comes to waders at the moment, that'll soon change at the end of July I'm sure!

Checked Zinc Works Road and that yielded nothing out of the ordinary apart from an unidentified caterpillar and a couple of Meadow Pipits. Butterflies were few and far between with Common Blues being the only species. Checking RBA revealed that the Long-billed Dowitcher was in fact on Greenabella, so on arrival back and after a short walk it was on the closest pool to the path on Greenabella. Amazing! The bird was at last fairly close, which of course allowed for a bit study and some image and videos to be taken. I had of course seen the already available great photos of the bird but seeing it in the flesh was great, a mixture of rufous, browns, and black. The scapulars and tertials are superbly marked, a truly stunning individual.

(Long-billed Dowitcher - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Please view in HD:
(Long-billed Dowitcher - © Andrew Kinghorn)

Until next time, Foghorn out!


  1. "Checking RBA" - worthy of excommunication kiddo

    1. Here's you trying to put food on the table and I go off and do a thing like that.

      Actually I am still a loyal BirdGuides customer, but the lad I was with was with RBA. He'll be a convert when RBA put their prices back up.