Sunday, 10 June 2012

Red-footed Falcon

I can remember getting a hold of my first 'proper' bird books many years ago and looking at pictures of male Red-footed Falcons and hoping I may see one some day in the UK. On Wednesday the 6th of this week my wait to see a Red-footed Falcon was finally over. There had been no news the previous day after around 2.45 in the afternoon and the thoughts of "was it still there" started to rise in my mind. I reassured myself that they weren't really all that rare and it was probably still there just not being reported. I arrived on site the on the 6th and news broke it was still there; phew.

It seemed like an age to get there but as soon as we arrived at the spot it was on show; catching insects and dragonflies over the river Trent on a quite pleasant morning. It was great to watch, it was a 1st summer male which I personally think this plumage makes the birds more handsome than adult males. I was finally watching my first Red-footed Falcon flying overhead catching insects and generally showing well. Was great to watch and the added bonus of the local Hobby's added to the days enjoyment. I didn't see it perched up only in flight, but I wasn't going to moan about it; they are better in flight anyway. Highlight for me was when it caught what I presume was a Banded Demoiselle quickly ripped its wings off and consumed it in a matter of seconds. They sure have refined their technique, great bird! Another major contender as one of the top birds of the year.

Derek Charlton's attempt to film this ace bird:
(Red-footed Falcon - © Derek Charlton)

(Red-footed Falcon - © Neil Loverock)

After this we had a pop into Blacktoft Sands RSPB where we had poor views of the Marsh Warbler, other than that I only saw a single Marsh Harrier from the Warbler watch point. Great day, great bird, and the Marsh Warbler the next day at Hadston Carrs in Northumberland made up for the poor views of the Blacktoft Sands RSPB birds poor performance.

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  1. Superb bird Andrew. Your list is rising steadily pal. Save a few for later!