Monday, 7 June 2010

Norfolk 2010 – Day 1 the 29th of May – Iberian Monty’s

We set of from Durham early on the morning of Saturday the 29th of May to go to our accommodation in Wells-next-the-sea which is on the North Norfolk Coast (Google it if unsure). The day started of well as the rain pelted down on the car and us as we got out at Potteric Carr which is owned by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. I was the only one that was going to do the 40minute walk in about 25 minutes to the location of the Iberian Chiffchaff. So I walked in the raid by myself to the bushes and trees that were nearly in Durham (if felt that way!) on the other side of the reserve. When I think about it I am not sure that the Iberian Chiffchaff could have picked a more inconvenient spot on the reserve next to the busy motorway that seemed like an age of a walk to get to where it was. So I arrived at the location about 25-30 minutes after I had set of from the visitor centre with my bins and 2 coats on to keep me from getting soaked. When I arrived the bird wasn’t to be seen or heard but there was a blessing as it stopped raining briefly. I was informed it was still there and has been singing, so another blessing to know I was in with a chance. As the minutes went on I was becoming more and more doubtful I was going to see the Iberian Chiffchaff. After a short while a bird flew into the trees next to us and started part of its song, I looked over at a fellow to me right and he looked at me and we both nodded and waved the others over. Sure enough we were right and the Ibe Chiffy started to sing and then eventually flew to a more distant spot and very nicely perched at the top of a tree and started to sing. I had good views through the bins and then another kind fellow let me have a look through his scope and I got cracking views of the Ibe Chiffy as it sang its head off. It disappeared shortly after and so did I, I made the long walk back to the visitor centre in the rain that had just started again. So a fantastic bird to kick the holiday off. We then headed down the road and had a burger at Burger King at one of the service stations; as usual I paid through the nose for a burger no bigger than my fist. Anyhow we arrived at Norfolk mid to late afternoon, on the way to the digs we had really good but brief views of an Egyptian Goose on a small pool thingy. We settled in and then we went to see the Montagu’s Harriers at an undisclosed site not to far from where we were staying. Whilst at the site we saw 2 Marsh Harriers and then I picked up a male Montagu’s Harrier and quickly alerted the others and we were all soon on the bird and followed it in the scopes and bins as it flew around the fields and hunted for a potential meal. So my first day was a huge success with some cracking birds.

Life List Updates
239 – Iberian Chiffchaff
240 – Montagu’s Harrier

Year List Updates
188 – Iberian Chiffchaff
189 – Egyptian Goose
190 – Montagu’s Harrier

Stay tuned for the next day of my Norfolk trip - Coming Soon!

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  1. I visited Norfolk about 4 weeks ago Andrew, and the first bird i saw on arrival was an Egyptian Goose. I quickly unpacked my camera and dashed back out to get a shot in case i didn't see another one........well, you don't know do you? They are as common as Mute Swans down there.