Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Norfolk 2010 – Day 3 the 31st of May – Terrific Trumpeter

We started the day of at RSPB Snettisham reserve to see the waders, we had cracking views of a family of Egyptian Geese as well as some summer plumaged Knot, and all of the regulars one might expect to see at Snettisham. The large flocks of waders were nice to see even though they were distant, a strange sighting was a single dark belling Brent Goose which perhaps cannot fly? From here we headed to RSPB Titchwell Reserve that was only 10 minutes drive from our digs. I must admit I didn’t really think much of the reserve, however there was some work going on to try and save the reserve from rising sea levels. Therefore no doubt some disturbance would be made to the birds. We headed straight to see the Red-crested Pochards that we knew were present and had been for some time. We immediately picked up a male bird at the other side of the large pool; he showed reasonably well but was a bit distant for photographs to be taken. We had fleeting glimpses of Bearded Tits and I got one in my bins very briefly. I also had good flight views that were sufficient enough to ID a Cetti’s Warbler that moved about in front of us. I had good close views of a Bittern flying over the reed bed as well as good views of a drake Rudworth Duck which decided to show its face a few times. There were a few Marsh Harriers knocking about the local are as well. A quick sea watch from Titchwell’s beach gave me my first Gannets of the year as they flew heading east along the coast. We met up with Stew who decided he would have some lunch before we headed off to Cley, we had received a text from RBA already earlier in the day saying a Trumpeter Finch had been seen earlier in the day but there was no sign. Then as we stood at the Red-crested Pochard site two old blokes were standing there also and one of them had a pager that went berserk and once they read the message and started to head off, The Finch asked what it was and they told him the Trumpeter Finch had been seen at Blakely Point. We then decided it would be a wise move to go and see it!

(Red-crested Pochard - Andrew Kinghorn)

After about 45 minutes drive (we got a bit lost) we arrived at Blakely Point and we could see the crowds massing, I went into the visitor centre at Cley and the fellow told me how I could get to the area where the bird was. Me and Derek then walked along the public footpath that goes up the side of Cley that overlooks the reedbed. I pretty much had a very brisk walk as The Finch followed and we were soon at Blakely Point. We went over the ridge and there stood about c150 birders who were in two long lines with the bird in the middle of us on the shingle beach. We had some fantastic views of this fantastic looking mega. We stood for about 30 minutes looking at the bird and taking its picture, we then decided instead of paying to go into Cley today we would go another day and instead check out the Montagu’s Harrier site and see if we could see the birds to round the day off, sadly the birds didn’t show but we did have good views of Barn Owl on the way back to the digs.

(Trumpeter Finch - Derek Charlton)

(Trumpeter Finch - Derek Charlton)

Life List Updates
243 – Cetti’s Warbler
244 – Trumpeter Finch

Year List Updates
196 – Red-crested Pochard
197 – Gannet
198 – Bearded Tit
199 – Cetti’s Warbler
200 – Ruddy Duck
201 – Trumpeter Finch


  1. OH Yeah! You better beleive it Gary! ;) lol

    I would have liked to see that Marmite Warbler, can't get there though.