Friday, 11 June 2010

Norfolk 2010 – Day 5 the 3rd of June – No one likes Orioles but everyone likes Turtle Doves

We started the day off by going back to Lakenheath to try for the Golden Orioles but we didn’t really see them. I had a fleeting glimpse of something I was told was a Golden Oriole that has just flown past but views weren’t tickable put it that way. So after staring at Orioleless trees for another 3 hours we headed off to look for one of the Honey Buzzard watch points, we couldn’t find it so instead went back to the Montagu’s Harrier site. This paid of and we were rewarded with fantastic views of the male Montagu’s Harrier hunting the surrounding fields and then soaring over high in the clear blue sky before disappearing. This well made up for missing the Golden Orioles.

We then headed back to the digs to relax as me and The Finch decided we were going to go to Salthouse Heath on the evening to go and look for the Nightjars that I knew could be found at Salthouse Heath. We arrived at around 8 o’clock and we were rewarded with fantastic views of a Barn Owl. As we were stood watching the owl hunt me and The Finch heard some Turtle Doves that began to call near by. I picked one up soaring around the trees and we were treated to some fantastic views as the flew from in the distance right up close to us and then they sat on the trees in front of us. They kept flying around the general area and kept flying really close to us and landing and we had some fantastic views of these beautiful birds. There really, really made up for missing the Golden Orioles. As the night approaches we were treated to the sound of a few Nightingales singing and then a Nightjar churring. We stood with the rest of the crowds listening to the Nightjar’s churring call, it sounded like it was miles away and after a bit of moaning from The Finch the Nightjar came and sat on a tree pretty much right in front of us and started churring away. He then flew right past us close and started to circle a white camper van and then returned to his tree and continued to chur away. We had fantastic views and The Finch informed me that it was one of the best views he has ever had of Nightjar.

(Male Montagu's Harrier - Derek Charlton)

(Male Montagu's Harrier - Derek Charlton)

(Turtle Dove - Derek Charlton)

Life List Updates
249 - Nightjar
Year List Updates
207 – Nightjar

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  1. Beautiful birds. I haven't seen either, but they can be seen in the New Forest, so hope for me yet.