Tuesday, 8 June 2010


All my troubles seemed so far away! Now it looks as if they’re here to stay. Ohhhh I believe in yesterday! Yes, I was down at Teesside yesterday to try and see if I could see one of the last pretty much annual (?) rare waders that turn up in the UK. Thankfully I did catch up with the Broad-billed Sandpiper at Teesside in County Durham, Cleveland doesn’t exist anymore by the way BirdGuides and RBA! The bird showed quite well and I got some cracking views as it walked around and fed, quite a striking bird and I was surprised how small they actually where in the field. I knew they were small but actually seeing the bird itself just emphasised how small they where. It made up for missing the Black-winged Stilts on the way back from Norfolk on Saturday:

Here is some cracking footage filmed by a birder called Tom Francis, some of the footage was taken whilst I was there. I know because I can here myself talking on the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTk7ubJCTqk

From here we went to check North Gare but a fiend of mine let me know that the pools had dried up and therefore there wasn’t going to be any interesting waders for pickings. From here we headed to Crimdon Dene to see the Little Tern colonies and how the colony is getting on. We were talking to the very dedicated Little Tern warden Trevor who as we were speaking pointed out a Great Skua that was flying in close over the beach. Nice one Trevor! A year tick for me. We counted quite a few Little Terns as well as singles of Common Tern, and finally a few Ringed Plover were dotting about the place. We had a look of shore for a sea watch and we rewarded with Guillemot and Razorbill offshore as well as a Gannet way out.

A final check at Blackhall Rocks produced much the same in terms of sea watching though Kittiwake was added to the list for the days sea watching. When we got back to the car we picked up a reeling Grasshopper Warbler and got good view of it in the scope as well as bins as it reeled away. By far the best ever views I have had of this species. What a fantastic day to round the day off.

So yesterday my troubles seemed so far away, however I am not birding today so my troubles are here to stay. lol

Life List Updates
250 - Broad-billed Sandpiper

Year List Updates:
210 - Broad-billed Sandpiper
211 - Great Skua
212 - Guillemot

Norfolk Day 3 coming soon!

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