Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day dewn' the Medas' (Day down at the Meadows)

Had another good day at Rainton Meadows yesterday. Undeniably the highlight was me getting pretty good views (although brief) or Arctic Redpoll as well as getting one or two year ticks along the way. Here's my video of the Arctic Redpoll:

Also I had good views of a well hidden Tawny Owl in the Rainton area, plus a Long-eared Owl at another undisclosed roosting site. I had cracking views of Woodcock flying by as well as the usual Mealy and Lesser Redpolls, some real stunner's of Mealy Redpolls down at Rainton Meadows at the moment.

A walk around Lumley towards dusk provided good views of a Little Owl clearly shocked to see me, he flew off before I could even get my bins on it. However not the hoped for Barn Owl or Long-eared Owl but Yellowhammer and Song Thrush were welcome consolation prizes especially considering that they were both year ticks! Wow, I am a keen lister at times. But its always enjoying the birds that counts the most!

Here's a video of some local Greylag Geese:

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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