Sunday, 27 February 2011

More winter Gull'ing + an unexpected migrant

Wednesday was spent Gull'ing at Rainton Meadows trying to catch up with John Bridgelens's Iceland Gull and Mediterranean Gull. The day was a bit of a disaster with the only bird of note being a Lesser-black backed Gull, though I did get a good video of it and a Common Gull that was hanging around the area.

(Lesser black-backed Gull - Sorry for weird music, added it to cover up John's swear word)

(Common Gull)

Friday was spent Gull'ing at Teesside at Seaton Common tip, I prefer to Gull at this tip rather than Cowpen where the birds are always distant and often difficult to observe especially if its windy. I had nothing of note really apart from a cracking looking Mediterranean Gull which was moulting out of winter into summer plumage. Also I had 3-4 Lesser black-backed Gull which seemed to be commuting between the tip to Seaton Common to bathe and wash up. 

I recommend you mute the video as it was really windy:
(Mediterranean Gull)

A nice surprise when Tom Francis came by and kindly alerted us he had just found a Hooded Crow on Seaton Common, I drove along in my car and saw the bird from the car after couple of minutes of scoping the common itself. Got out of the car to set up my tripod and scope to get a better view but the bird must have flow off and wasn't seen again. Hopefully it will turn back up so people can get a chance to twitch it. But after all its just a Hooded Crow. It was a county tick for me.

Saturday was spent at Rainton Meadows with a mate of mine looking at the Redpolls. The only Arctic that put on a show was the 1st winter male. But I managed this video of the bird:

Pic of birds undertail coverts

Another lad was scanning the gulls and managed to pick out a cracking winter plumage Mediterranean Gull, its a really rubbish video the bird is infront of the Herring Gull that flaps its wings center of screen at 8 seconds in; the bird is roosting with its head tucked in its back:

(Mediterranean Gull)

That Slaty-backed Gull is still doing my head in! Until next time, Foghorn out!

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