Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Norfolk Long Weekend trip - DAY TWO

The day started well with a drive to Halvergate which is near Great Yarmouth. The first of our target birds was easy and 2 Bewick's Swans gave themselves up and showed fairly well but only briefly before they flew off.

We drove on to try and find some more Bewick's Swan's but in doing so Derek spotted a white bird in near by fields with Pink-footed Geese. It was the Ross's Goose! Obviously the bird that was reported the day before in near by Acle. The bird showed very well even though it was distant allowing us to study the bird and enjoy it whatever its origins. I reckon most of these birds are the 'real deal' but I am sure many will disagree. 

From here we headed off to Buckingham Marshes RSPB, on arrival Derek picked out a goose and he thought it was a white front. Easy mistake to make as it was no where near the Greylags. However by the time I walked to where Derek was it was with Greylags. One look and I said something like "It's a Lesser White Fronted Goose!". After doing some research and a few queries with locals on BirdForum it appears the bird I saw was the hybrid that has been knocking about for a while.

Sadly there was no sign of the Bean Geese, when I got home and checked RBA later on turns out they were around the corner at Cantley Marshes RSPB. TYPICAL! We checked BirdGuides just before leaving and news came through of a Ferruginous Duck at Cockshoot Broad in Norfolk. Where is that I hear you ask? Well we were wondering the same thing as we sat in the car for 30 minutes going online, using maps, ringing around and trying to find out where it was. We managed to get some info and we set off and after getting totally lost we eventually ended up at Cockshoot broad car park. We arrived at the hide and nothing at all apart from an Otter and Bittern, I shouldn't take Bittern for granted. Forgive me. We left the hide without seeing it. But all was not lost! It was seen on the river whilst we were there but we missed it. After a short wait the bird appeared and swam across the river and straight for cover into a reedbed area. Typical Fudge Duck! Fairly good views were obtained although very brief. I waved Derek over who managed to get onto the bird and we watched as the bird sat up and flapped its wings and bobbed its head and then back into the reedbed. A nice bird.....pure bred? I reckon so. Get on the list!

A look at Sculthorpe Moor provided nothing really of note not the hoped for Golden Pheasant. Would have been a lifer as well.

Last Norfolk trip day coming soon!

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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