Sunday, 1 November 2009

Eastern Crowned Warbler (story)

I was very ill on the night I saw the warbler so didn't post my full story. I went away on holiday to the Mull of Kintyre and then Mull so I couldn't post the full story so for those interested here goes:

On Thursday (22nd) of October I went to go to bed and I checked my computer. I always check my computer before I go to sleep on a night. When I signed onto the Durham Bird Club latest sightings page I saw the draw dropping news that the UK's first ever Eastern Crowned Warbler had been seen in Durham. PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!! With it being so late I couldn't ring my mate but I could text my friend. In the morning I got up earlier than I normally would and asked my mate if we could go and see it in the afternoon. I explained how rare it was and when I was available. So I asked if we could go and see it and after about the longest 5 second pause............."Yes." WOHOOO! All I need now is to know it was still there. On re-freshing BirdGuides the first bird to appear was the Eastern Crowned Warbler. PHEW! It was still there.

So at an undisclosed time (Incase any college teachers are reading ;) ) we descended upon Trow Quarry. When we got to Trow Quarry there where loads and I mean loads of bird watchers already there. All 3 of us saw it well on and off for a few hours. It showed really, really well in the scope at times. I also saw the Yellow-browed Warbler the same day so I could see how different the Eastern Crowned was from the Yellow-browed. What a beauty of a bird and my favourite so far this year.

216 - Eastern Crowned Warbler - First ever MEGA

(Could this be the second ever rarest bird in the North East. Perhaps only piped at the post by the Slender-billed Curlew)


  1. You need to get y'self up to North Shields fish quay to clock the Sabines if it is still there. I've had visitors staying for the last few days but managed to slip away late Mon. afternoon and got fantastic views from not more than 6 metres as it flew back and forth along the quayside. Unfortunately the light was fading fast so couldn't get any good pics but get down if you have the chance.The opportunity may not arise again for some time.

  2. Nice one Andrew.
    See you have been to Mull. I just got back yesterday from Islay and Jura. Brian