Saturday, 7 November 2009


The day started out well as we pulled up at South Sheilds to try for the Sabine's Gull that sadly didn't show but a Snow Bunting put in a brief appearence.

Then we headed for Sandhaven Beach to look for the Sabine's Gull but to no avail!

So we headed for the Fish Quay in North Shields. As we arrived DC spooted some birders with there cameras pointing in the same direction. He remarked something like "It's here!" and so as we got out the car it flew right past and I got good views. It hung around for about 5-10 minutes flying up and down right past us and was about 10ft away at times. It then dissapeared around the corner and didn't return so we left.

Next stop was the farm past Cresswell Pond to look for the Twite. Sadly we didn't see any and so headed up to Budle Bay. As we got out the car DC said something like "There it is" and so we got out scopes out but sadly it had just taken off! So I missed it!!!! Darn. Not to worry.

We went up the road further and came to a sort of pull in and we scanned the surrounding fields and sure enough I picked up the Snow Goose quite quickly. We got out scopes out the car and watched it for a while before heading to Stag Rocks.

(Snow Goose among the Greylags - Bird was distant)

Stag Rocks was great we had Purple Sandpipers, Oystercatchers, Eiders and whilst DC and SA went to go and take some photos of the Purple Sandpipers and picked up the 7 Long-tailed Ducks on the water. They where mainly drakes and had still had the tail streamers.

Over all a very enjoyable day that was fantastic!
Life List updates
218 - Sabine's Gull
219 - Snow Goose

Year List updates
205 - Sabine's Gull
206 - Snow Goose
207 - Long-tailed Duck

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