Friday, 27 November 2009


Well I had a very interesting day. I was supposed to do some work today but I sadly did not coursework at all! Guess I will have to do some on Sunday and Monday night. Darn! :(

But I did go and help my friend with his tetrad. Nothing particularly interesting but we had a few good birds like Kestrel and Great-spotted Woodpecker. Some cracking habitat! I fancy it for Short-eared Owls so might have a look over there towards dusk sometime. Might be surprised and hit on something more exciting……….Hawk Owl? No………I will just settle after seeing possibly the bird of the year (Comon’ only what, 5 people saw the Tufted Puffin! But then the Black-bellied Storm-peterel stuck it’s beak in) so what I am trying to say is I think Eastern-crowned Warbler might be some peoples bird of the year.

Was going to go for the Wilson’s Phalarope tomorrow but looks like its gone………..drat! Oh well can’t win them all.

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