Thursday, 5 November 2009

MULL! 29th - 31st of October

Had a fantastic time on Mull with both eagles and Hen Harriers!
Excellent 3 days on the island buy very wet!

Fantastic birds as usual with my fave birds showing reasonably well.
- 5 White-tailed Eagles
- 4 Golden Eagles
- 4 Hen Harriers (2 Males)
- 2 Great-northern Diver (1 close)
and much more.

0 life ticks but that certainly didn't matter. Highlights had to be:
- Hen Harrier being one of the first birds we saw!!!
- Glen More as we watched 2 Golden Eagles soaring and as we turned around there where 2 White-tailed Eagles behind us! One of the adult White-tailed eagles was fantastic against the back drop and I got amazing views as it flew around for a while. Stew said he was watching a different bird high up and I just caught it with the naked eye as it disappeared behind the hill. The two Golden Eagles where amazing as well!

The best moment had to be after we had had the 2 White-tailed and 2 Golden Eagles we headed to the south of the island at the end of

Uisken and we had a Great-northern Diver in the bay close. After watching that we got back in the car and did a 3 point turn to go. We where joking on saying how bad the day was turning out to be in a joke way. As we where about to go after the 3 point turn Stew said something like "Getting all these bad birds like Great-northern Diver......" and as he was talking he looked out the front window and calmly added ".......white-tailed eagle" and straight away we put the car into neutral and got out to watch it.

As I got it in my scope when it was moving off I caught a glimpse of another huge bird that disappeared very briefly only to re appear and show its true identity as a Golden Eagle. So with the Golden Eagle and White-tailed eagle together in the same scope view the local Kestrel couldn't help but get in on the action as it appeared to have a go at the White-tailed Eagle as well.

What made it so funny was that me and Stew where being sarcastic and saying we where having a bad day when we where having a fantastic day. Then we where listing the birds we added another white-tailed eagle to the end as we looked out in disbelief one had just apeared over the small hill. The funniest part was just Stew saying it so calmly and like the other birds as he quickly put the car in neutral and we all got out.

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  1. I'm a bit late with this comment.;-) I do see though that I wasn't the only one getting wet in Scotland whilst finding some very good birds. Sounds like you had a good time. Brian