Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I might go and look for Kingfisher today after lunch as I still haven't managed to see one in Durham this year despite many hours of dedicated searching. Tomorrow about 1 until 6ish looks good for seawatching so might get down to Whitburn Obs for an afternoon/early evening session seawatching

I've had a brilliant year so far this year and with Autumn getting more intense as time goes on I would love if I saw at least 2 new birds for UK before the year is out, Long-tailed Skua I hope will be one of them. I came close last year if it wasn't for my teeth (long story) but I couldn't go to Obs the morning I wanted to and a Long-tail passed. 3 flew North past Newbiggin last night and I was mightily gripped to hear they were adults!

What has been everyone's UK bird of the year so far? Could be anything a good patch tick, a mega rare bird, etc. Comments below if you feel like it.

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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