Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Monk Parakeets

People may like to call me old fashioned but when it comes to conservation unless their is hard evidence to prove wildlife is being effected by non native wildlife/other factors then we should just leave things be. A recent example is the Monk Parakeets that are being targeted for reasons which I could care about;
A) They make a bit of a mess
B) They might nest on power line towers and cause power cuts

Now if I am totally honest I couldn't really care less of the birds cause either of these two! Are we as a society in Britain so intolerant we can justify the slaughter of an entire population of birds because they make a bit of a mess and might nest on power line towers? If research and data was produced to show Monk Parakeets are having a negative effect on our native British wildlife then a cull/eradication is perfectly justified (in my opinion). However no such evidence exists, I cannot see what negative effects this species could have on our wildlife both now and in the future. If such evidence was to be presented my views would change, however until this point I am against the cull of Monk Parakeets.

If you as a reader would also like to help stop the cull of Monk Parakeets then please sign the petition:

Until next time, ruffled feathers Foghorn out!

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