Monday, 1 August 2011

New Butterfly Blog

Hi all,

I decided instead of adding all my butterfly pics here I thought I would create a new sub-blog to this one. This blog will remain my main blog, however this blog will be the one I will use from now on to post butterfly images and sightings onto. I will post on this blog while the butterfly blog gets going to inform people I have made posts on the other blog, eventually I will no doubt stop this as most of my readers will be aware of it.

Access the blog by CLICKING HERE.

Alternatively on the right hand side of this blog under the "Interesting Websites" section you can click on "My Butterfly Blog" and you will be taken to the blog.

Can I encourage you as my readers to follow the new blog as you do this one if your interested in butterflies at all.

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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