Sunday, 17 July 2011

Armchair tick - Silver-studded Blue

A mate of mine was checking my blog last night and looked at my Common Blue photos from South Stack RSPB. I had an inclination that it might actually have been a Silver-studded Blue when I was away in Wales but being new to butterflies I just put it down as a Common Blue, the reason for this was that my photos clearly showed no silver studs. However my mate when checking my blog sent me an email and said the image I had put up was of a Silver-studded Blue! As it happens the only photos I managed to obtain of the species was the first one I saw. Having thought back to when I first saw it I kind of realise now that the odds were it was a Silver-studded Blue. For one thing it was on heathland no where near the typical habitat of Common Blue. Also when I first saw it I noted how small it was compared to Common Blue butterflies I had seen. My Dad also managed to obtain a photo of its upperwing and when comparing the shots to Common Blue it became clear that it matched Silver-studded Blue as well!

Brilliant! A superb little butterfly, just glad I uploaded the pics. Will need to go and change my last blog post now. So here are the pics of my first ever Silver-studded Blue:

 (Silver-studded Blue - Steven Kinghorn)

 (Silver-studded Blue - Andrew Kinghorn)

Compare my images to the following others of Silver-studded Blue:

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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