Thursday, 21 July 2011

A bit of a grey day

Today we had wonderful weather and I went back with a mate for another look at the White-rumped Sandpiper. The bird was still on the causeway and showing well. We enjoyed watching the bird and studying it for a while before then moving onto Dorman's Pool to look for the Grayling butterflies. We were successful and had 3, however just 1 sat for us long enough to get a good view and some photos. We also enjoyed good views of Common Blue, Red Admiral, Meadow Brown, and Peacock.

 (White-rumped Sandpiper - © Ian Forrest)

 (White-rumped Sandpiper - © Ian Forrest)

(White-rumped Sandpiper - © Ian Forrest)

(Small White - Andrew Kinghorn)

(Grayling - Andrew Kinghorn)

We then checked Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park where I had good views of Small Skipper and the usual host of butterflies. On the dragonfly side Blue-tailed Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Common Darter, and Emperor Dragonfly put in an appearance. All were lifers for me having just taken up a concious interest in dragonflies.

 (Small Skipper - Andrew Kinghorn)

(Emerald Damselfly - Andrew Kinghorn)

A check of Wingate Quarry with my mate produced no fewer than 10 Marbled White, loads of Small Heaths, Small Copper, stunningly fresh Small Tortoiseshell, and the other usual suspects as well as 2 Ringlet; the only ones of the day.

So a grey day due to the fact I had a fairly grey but superb White-rumped Sandpiper aswell as Grayling, the latter being a lifer.

Until next time, Foghorn out!