Sunday, 24 July 2011

Butterfly tour weekend

Hi readers, butterflies again for this post I am afraid. But as autumn draws closer and closer birds will soon be firmly back on the cards!

Went over a trip to Lancashire yesterday with a mate in the hope of High Brown Fritillary, we dipped! However I saw my first ever Scotch Argus butterfly which sat with its wings open briefly; what a stunner! Had some fab views of Dark Green Fritillary, in fact so good I got one to sit on the end of my finger for about 30 seconds. Brilliant experience. On Sunday I went back to Gateshead for round two with White-letter Hairstreak and emerged victorious as you will see below. Had the usual range of common butterflies but Wall Brown was particularly noteworthy, very fresh and clearly part of the second brood of the year. Here's the photos and as usual you can click on any image to enlarge, so enjoy!

 (Common Blue - Smarmdale Gill NR, Cumbria - Andrew Kinghorn)

 (Dark Green Fritillary - Smarmdale Gill NR, Cumbria Andrew Kinghorn)

 (Grayling - Arnside Knott, Lancashire - Andrew Kinghorn)

 (Peacock - Kibblesworth, Co.Durham - Andrew Kinghorn)

 (Silver Washed Fritillary - Whitbarrow NNR, Cumbria - Andrew Kinghorn)

(Silver Washed Fritillary - Whitbarrow NNR, Cumbria - Andrew Kinghorn)

 (White-letter Hairstreak - Derwent Walk Country Park, Co.Durham - Andrew Kinghorn)

This is the Dark Green Fritillary I got to sit on my finger, this photo was taken before I got it to sit on my finger.
(Dark Green Fritillary - Andrew Kinghorn)

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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  1. well done mate! I've only had brief views of Silver-washed and think they are literally one the nicest things I've ever seen! Stunning!

    Arnside Knott is a superb place!